• Conifers

    Available: Cook's Balsam Fir White Spruce, Black Spruce, White Pine, and Tamarack.

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  • Small Trees & Shrubs

    Available: American Mountain Ash, Arrowwood, Winterberry and Witchhazel.

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  • Apple & Crabapple

    Available: Magenta Crabapple and Apple Mini Packs.

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Mixed Packages

Packages include a mix of seedlings with 5 of each species and work great for adding diversity in smaller areas. Packages available for 2023 include Hardwoods, Native Shrubs, Pollinator, Shade, Wet Soils and Apple Mini Pack.

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Tree Planting Supplies

Plantskydd Wildlife Repellant, pump sprayers, root gel and fertilizer tablets are available year-round. Other items such as planting bars and tools, weed mats & anchor staples, tree tubes and more are available to order.

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