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American Plum
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American Plum

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Tree Pick-up will be in mid-April to early May. Details will be sent to those who order in early spring.

Each bundle contains 25 seedlings. 

Scientific Name: Prunus americana

Mature Height: up to 15 feet

Mature Spread: 8-10 feet

Hardiness: Zones 3-8

Soil: Prefers moist, rich, well-drained soil

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Growth Rate: Fast (height increase of 24"+ per year once established)

Additional Information: Large deciduous shrub or small tree with a broad crown. Edible fruits are red to yellow, about 1 inch in diameter. Roots are shallow and widely spreading. Winter-hardy, but does not tolerate shade or drought. Grows in prairies, woodlands, pastures and along roadsides and riverbanks. Works well in windbreaks, screening and natural barriers, as cover and food for wildlife, and for jams and jellies.

1-year-old seedlings, 12-18”.