Mix B - WI Pollinator Mix for wet mesic soils

Mix B - WI Pollinator Mix for wet mesic soils

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Tree Pick-up will be in mid-April to early May. Details will be sent to those who order in early spring.

One unit plans 1/2-acre.

This mix of 27 species meets and exceeds the NRCS 327 standard for CRP CP-42 programs and is appropriate for use on mesic and wet mesic soils. Updated Jan. 2021.

Includes (PLS#s/ac): Golden Alexander (0.081), Alum Root (0.006), New England Aster (0.0125), Smooth Blue Aster (0.006), Foxglove Beardtongue (0.0188), Wild Bergamot (0.081), Prairie Blazingstar (0.05), Common Boneset (0.0313), Cardinal Flower (0.006), Compass Plant (0.0188), Grayheaded Coneflower (0.0375), Culver's Root (0.006), Cup Plant (0.0188), Ironweed (0.0125), Spotted Joe-Pye Weed (0.0125), Great Blue Lobelia (0.0188), Canada Milkvetch (0.35), Swamp Milkweed (0.0313), Mountain Mint (0.0188), Purple Meadow Rue (0.006), Rosinweed (0.0125), Sneezeweed (0.075), Black-eyed Susan (0.125), Sweet Black-eyed Susan (0.0313), Blue Vervain (0.125), Fox Sedge (0.21), Switchgrass (VNS) (0.25).

Click on the below PDF to view the included species and rates in the WI NRCS seed calculator.