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Tree Pick-up will be in mid-April to early May. Details will be sent to those who order in early spring.

Each bundle contains 25 seedlings. 

Scientific Name: Plantanus occidentalis

Mature Height: 75-100 feet

Mature Spread: 75-100 feet

Hardiness: Zones 4-9

Soil: Prefers moist, rich, deep soils but adaptable to a wide variety of soils.

Light: Full to partial sun

Growth Rate: Slow, height increases less than 12" per year

Additional Information: Sycamore matures with a massive trunk and a crown of huge, crooked branches. Native to lowland areas, typically reaching its largest size along streams, rivers and flood plains. Small, non-showy, monoecious flowers appear in small rounded clusters in April. Male flowers are yellowish and female flowers are reddish. Female flowers give way to fuzzy, long-stalked, spherical fruiting balls (to 1 3/8” diameter) that ripen to brown in October and persist into early winter. Seeds feed birds and small mammals. Older trees provide nesting for owls, chimney swift and wood ducks. Tolerates deer, wet soil, black walnuts and air pollution.

1-year-old seedlings, 12-18”.