Paper Birch
Paper Birch

Paper Birch

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Tree Pick-up will be in mid-April to early May. Details will be sent to those who order in early spring.

Each bundle contains 25 seedlings. 

Scientific Name: Betula papyrifera

Mature Height: 50-70 feet

Mature Spread: 25-50 feet

Hardiness: Zones 2-7

Soil: Prefers acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. 

Light: Full sun to part shade (best foliage color in full sun)

Growth Rate: Medium to fast - height increases 13-24" per year.

Additional Information: Sometimes called Canoe or White Birch. After 6-8 years, dark brown bark gives way to chalk white bark that peels in papery layers. Brown or green catkins appear in April to May. Golden yellow fall color.

White-tailed deer eat considerable amounts of paper birch leaves in the fall. Redpolls, siskins and chickadees eat the seeds. Numerous cavity-nesting birds nest in paper birch, including woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches and swallows. Pecking holes in the bark, the yellow-bellied sapsucker finds the paper birch a favorite tree. Hummingbirds and red squirrels feed at sapwells created by sapsuckers. Ruffed grouse eat the catkins (flowers) and buds.

1-year-old seedlings, 10-24”